designaweb is a Dutch based one man company, operating on a client sale basis. Some parts of the job we can't handle due to time pressure or certain specific requested skills, will be outsourced to other quality engineers, working for either Fubra (Scripting & Search Engine Optimisation) or Futuro (Flash & Graphics). Eventhough there are separate parties involved in some of the production phases, our customers will only have to deal with one person from designaweb. We offer a wide variety of services. From corporate image designs to search engine marketing, from e-commerce to web presence, we can make it happen! Feel free to contact us whenever you like if you feel our services could stimulate your sales, or grow your company a better image!

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T. Kramer
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The Netherlands
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Yet another language has been added to the ever expanding network of international car rental websites, serving to our Portuguese members. Book your car rental in Portuguese: Aluguer de carros!
Some time has passes since we launched some of the international car rental websites, but as of now you can also book your rental car in a few other languages: Alquiler de coches, Location de voitures, Autonoleggio, Biluthyrning, Biludlejning, Bilutleie and Autovuokraamo!
Easyterra.DE / Easyterra.BE
After the recent succes of the Dutch and English versions of EasyTerra Autoverhuur and Car Rental, we decided to launch a Flemish version and a German version as well. So, for your "mietwagen" and your "autohuur", EasyTerra is there for you!
The tourism industry is booming, and so is contextual advertising. Therefore we've decided to leave the lowlands for a few months and write down what New Zealand has to offer, with over 150 pages of travel tips and locations guides as a result.
The last few months in the lab were spent working on a new version of a car hire / car rental website, The dutch variant is online as well, on the domain. Over there you will also find location guides on the most important car hire locations.
What started out as a personal hobby, has now become one of the leading websites in optical storage. Currently, our focus lies in dvd software, dvd media reviews and industry news. One of our more recent articles compares five top quality dvd copy software side by side.
The capitol of the Netherlands, loved by many foreigners, and loved by just as many dutch people. Book your amsterdam car hire online at our new booking website. Go and have a look at autoverhuur amsterdam
Because Schiphol Airport is the most popular location for renting cars in the Netherland, we decided to build a separate site for it. At the moment it only contains the booking engine, but soon it will have schiphol airport information. Go and have a look at autoverhuur schiphol
We have now built a worldwide car rental website for dutch visitors. With almost 2.000 cities and even more locations we are offering the widest variety of autoverhuur (car rental) on the dutch web!
After the recent succes of Autoverhuur Nederland, we have now launched Autoverhuur Spanje, car hire in spain. Offering information and booking functionality on more then 70 resorts and cities in Spain.
Over 25 articles on plastic and cosmetic surgery such as breast lifts, botox injections, permanent eyeliners and spider veins are descibed on this website, all informing us on what it is, for who it is, what the surgery is like, the risks, and the costs. This site also provides a list of 3.000+ plastic and cosmetic surgeons.
Almost a thousand notary offices (notarissen) can be found at this website. People often use a notary office in combination with a mortgage advisor, so this is a good match to our mortgage advisory website.
10.000 builders and contractors are listed on the latest "" website called "Aannemers Nederland". Find addresses and contact details for the majority of contractors in the Netherlands.
Mortages, real estate agents, and now with the taxation agents (taxateurs), designaweb is breaking into the housing market in an amazing pace. Over a thousand dutch companies are listed on this website.
After we did the estate agents website, we found out our users are interested in mortgages as well. Hypotheek, dutch for mortage, advies, dutch for advice, created the name of this site, Hypotheek Advies Site.
This time a rather large database filled with estate agents in the netherlands has been implemented into a similair template we used before with Autoverhuur Nederland and Hoteldirectory. Over 5000 estate agents, categorized into holland's provinces and cities can be found at Makelaars Nederland.
Using the same technique and website template as we used for the car hire netherlands directory, we built this site containing over 2200 hotels and their contact details. Makes use of PHP and MySQL techniques.
A database driven resource for dutch speaking visitors looking for car hire in the Netherlands, categorized by city. With over 700 companies listed, Autoverhuur Nederland is one of the most complete resources out there.
Allthough UK Airport Parking websites have been done over and over again, we differentiate ourselves by having one of the first directories solely focused on airport parking sites. Also offers unbiased guides on the best way to travel from and to the airport.
The IMI Group, a turkish based company formed with the establishment of IMI Shipping Services, asked us to build a fresh and clear website around their already existing logo. Over 60 pages, in both English and Turkish was the result.
This agency located near one of the world's largest Seaports asked us to help them with their web presence. Combining Flash and HTML techniques lead to this functional and informative website.
Every webdesign firm has it: the first website you've ever sold. Outdated in graphical & technical skills, this 8 page HTML website was developed for a tavern located in the northwest of the dutch frisian province.

fubra / futuro
Not only does designaweb outsource parts of their products to Fubra and Futuro, we also work the other way around. Especcially the UK based Fubra is an elementry partner in the webdesign industry. We have been developing a wide range of products for them. Starting with a project and task assignment tool used in their internal organisation, we ended up working much closer together. They discovered our coding and graphic skills, and we were impressed by their skills, especcially their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, and their marketing skills. Both parties benefit from this venture, allowing us to build better products for our customers. Feel free to contact us whenever you like if you feel our services could stimulate your sales, or grow your company a better image!

Get in touch:
T. Kramer
Westersingel 24
8913 CL Leeuwarden
The Netherlands
Ph. +31 646 766 806
The IFA Guide is a directory of Independant Financial Advisors, Mortgage Brokers, and related UK business firms. Using the search engines as the main source for traffic, we use Google's Adsense Program to start the initial monetising of the site. In the future, more advanced and paid options will be available for the listed members, to expand their exposure on our site.
9.000 pages of airport information. Airport Codes, Altitude, GMT offset, runway lengths and other specifications can be looked up on this website. At the moment it is not commercially exploited, but will be used for the promotion of a car hire website in the future.
The backpacking site will be used as an informative guide for global travelers hunting the web for good backpacking resources. Each country has a different header adapted to this specific country, making a good example out of our photoshop skills.
Airport Parking Shop is the new and unique way to book your airport parking online. It compares prices across four separate companies using our custom built quote engine to offer the largest variety of parking options anywhere in the UK.
This case study of search engine positioning once again proved our skills. Relying on a MySQL database and optimized PHP scripting, this website serves thousands of pages every day. Google alone has already spidered and indexed over 8.000 pages.